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Topical Studies

  • Photo of a starry sky at night, with beautiful purple hues and a streak of light.

    Bible Cosmology

    This extended series explores the five worlds of Bible History, Science, and Prophecy.

  • Photo of a statue of a man in thinking posture.

    Apologetics and Christian Evidences

    John Feakes brings the subject of apologetics to life, beginning with the basics and extending into more complex discussions as the series progresses.

  • Photo of a pile of baby dolls and skeletons.

    Abortion: What is Being Destroyed?

    Abortion involves direct and intentional killing. In this episode, John Feakes discusses exactly what is being destroyed when an abortion is performed.

  • Magnificent clouds with bits of light shining through.

    Hidden Gleams of Christ’s Deity

    An in-depth look at the four Gospels, in which we observe statements that Christ is God.

  • Photo of a spine of a brown, leather Bible.

    Introduction to the Bible

    Learn how the Bible is structured so you can gain a deeper understanding of its contents and be equipped to explain it to others.

  • Close-up photo of an opened Bible.

    Church Governance

    A study of the church’s structure and functioning as God intended it to be, drawing insights from passages in the New Testament.

  • Photo of a Bible opened on an outdoor table.

    Various Sermons and Messages

    A compilation of various sermons and messages including Gospel Basics, Sharing the Faith, Overview of End Times Prophecy, Non-Christian Worldviews, Keeping the Faith, Israel According to Luke, Hope That Does Not Disappoint, Creation Controversies, and more.

  • Black and white phot of a decayed human skill/

    Bible Evidence Museum

    Take a tour of the Bible Evidence Museum located on the lower level of the New Life Sanctuary Church building. (Includes both video and self-guided presentation.)

  • Long distance shot of a man looking over a cliff at a mountain range.

    God’s Sovereignty and Human Freewill

    This course explores the subject of knowing and understanding God. There is no greater object of study than the nature, character, plans and purposes of God, making this a challenging and thought-provoking series.

  • Photo of a protest with people holding signs. The one in front says, "not to Islamophobia. No to war."


    This self-guided college-level course provides an extensive overview of cults against the backdrop of a Christian perspective. You will learn to recognize what a cult is and be equipped to identify individual cults such as Mormonism, Scientology, New Age, and several others.