C.A.R.E. is an acronym, it stands for Christian Apologetics Research and Evangelism. C.A.R.E.is a team of individuals who are committed to glorifying God and blessing the world by sharing His life-saving message. More than that, the C.A.R.E. team is prepared to give reasons for their faith. They are prepared to show that Christianity is not simply the best of many rational options, it is the only rational option.

What We Believe

C.A.R.E. is associated with the Canadian National Baptist Convention, and as such holds to all the classical creeds of Christendom. We believe the Bible is God’s message to humankind. This remarkable book teaches that God created a very good world (Gen 1:31) but our first human parents ruined it by rebelling against Him (Gen 3). This is called sin, and it is punishable by physical and spiritual death (Roms 6:23). Since all of us have sinned (Roms 5:12), all of us were in danger of facing God’s eternal judgment. God, however, loved the world and didn’t want this for us (1 Pet 3:9).In order to save us, God entered the human family in the Person of Jesus Christ (1 Tim 3:16). His death on the cross paid the world’s sin debt in full (1 Jn 2:2). Today, the saving benefits of Christ’s redemptive work are applied to anyone who trusts in Him as their own personal Lord and Savior (Act 16:31).


The Bible claims to be the word of a super intellect, a morally perfect God who is prepared to give us reasons to believe Him. Consider three popular avenues to truth and how the Bible relates to them. The first avenue to truth is history. Applying the ordinary rules of historical investigation to the Bible’s claims often yields surprising results. For instance, the Bible turns out to be the best attested literary work in history. The biblical text has not undergone radical revision; the Bible appears to have survived unchanged. Moreover, countless archaeological discoveries confirm the biblical record, while nothing discovered so far throws any biblical claim into serious question. Internally, there are countless unmistakable signs of authenticity. In short, the Bible appears wholly reliable. The second popular avenue to truth is science. As with historical investigation, modern science has discovered much that confirms the biblical record. This is especially true with respect to the biblical doctrines of special creation and the global flood. Science, popularly claimed to be disconfirming of the Bible, turns out to be one of Christianity’s greatest allies. In fact, the modern scientific enterprize (and all its attending benefits) owes its very existence to the Christian faith commitments of its founders. The last popular avenue to truth is philosophy. Philosophers seek to discover objective standards of right reason and right moral conduct. Only God, however, can account not only for the existence of such standards, but our awareness of them. In this way, the strongest argument for the existence of God is that without Him, no one can prove anything! In summary, we may say that history, science, and philosophy serve to confirm the biblical record. On the other hand, however, unless God provided what was needful, there could be no profitable historical, scientific, or philosophical inquiry in the first place. In the last analysis, God is a rational necessity. Part of the C.A.R.E. team’s purpose is to defend this radical claim with sound arguments and evidence, which is part of Christ’s marching orders for the church (1 Peter 3:15; Jude 3).

Though C.A.R.E’s activities include humanitarian outreaches, it is primarily a teaching and preaching ministry. Christianity is centered on the Gospel, which is Good News. That is, Christianity is centered on a message with content. In order to communicate and defend this message, the C.A.R.E. team will soon begin to load this site with helpful information. For the time being, those who are interested are encouraged to explore Pastor John’s Youtube Channel The Shepherd’s Voice with Pastor John Feakes. There you will find an enormous amount of material that ranges from Sunday morning sermons, to college–level courses, debates, and even commentary on social and political issues.

Currently plans are under way to re-established the Bible Evidence Museum in the lower level of the NLSC building.

Until we develop this site further, you can still have a quick introduction to the museum here.

In the meantime, here are some links to papers exploring various theological and philosophical matters:

God bless

The C.A.R.E. Ministries Team

For more information contact Pastor John at (204)667-6548 or email johnrfeakes@gmail.com