A photo of a cross on a hill during sunrise.
Photo of a man with wide open arms, looking over a great expanse.

Upcoming Events

Photo of the 100k flags event at the St. Boniface Cathedral

100,000 Flags Display | May 9, 2024

Imagine 100K flags, each representing one pre-born baby. The numbers are staggering – seeing is believing! Being there to help plant the flags is an experience you will never forget!

Photo of volunteers walking in the Walk for Life

The Walk for Life | June 2, 2024

Life Culture’s annual Walk for Life takes place on June 2 at KR Barkman Park in Steinbach. This event is Manitoba’s largest pro-life walk, and a tangible way to show love to single moms. 

of a person reading a Bible outside in a relaxed sitting position.

Bible Basics

A small pant just sprouting in soil

Creation Basics

A golden glowing cross hovering over a body of water.

Gospel Basics

photo looking down on a man with an open Bible on his lap.

Bible Studies

A sword being pointed toward the sky.


Hands that are folded on top of an open Bible.


Photo of a dinosaur skull.